China Welcomes the 7th new Ordoz International Circuit 中国迎来了第7条全新的 内蒙古 - 鄂尔多斯国际赛车道

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Inner Mongolia, one of China’s biggest province in the north West, made famous to the world because of the all mighty Ghengis Khan, but very little people in and outside China know much about  “Ordoz”,  Inner Mongolia’s most important city, But if mentioned the magic word “Cashmere” then many people will remember that Ordoz is the world famous Cashmere capital from China, but even less people know that Ordoz, with a mere 1.6 million population is the richest city in Inner Mongolia due to Ordoz has one of the richest deposit of Coal, rare metal ores, Natural gas reserves in the whole of China .

With China becoming the biggest auto and Motorcycle manufacturing in the world in 2009, more and more car and bike manufacturers are looking at promoting their products through motorsport or organizing activities in Race Circuit, so the latest  7th International Circuit in China was built in Ordoz, Inner Mongolia and open its door for business in end Sept, 2010.

The Ordoz International Circuit (OIC) is situated at the new Kangbashi district of Ordoz, approx 30 km from Ordoz city center, the circuit cost close to US$140mil to built and has a 3.75km long FIA approved Grade II circuit capable of hosting any international events except a Formula 1 event.

The OIC hosted its 1st event - CTCC (China Touring Car Championship) the weekend before (25-26/9/2010), although the circuit was still partially under construction, but the CTCC event was ran without any incidents,  so on the 1-3/10/2010 weekend, OIC welcomes its 1st important International Racing Event – European Superleague Formula Championship.

The Superleague Championship is a new Formula event started in 2008, Each of the Superleague team was titled sponsored by one of the Super League Soccer Club in most Europe and China, giving the race event a stronger following by some of the World’s most famous Soccer Club’s vast number of fans.

Due to the Inner Mongolia, Erdos and Kangbashi Gov’t has high hopes on this new Circuit, so they have all invested a lot of support to this event and most of the important Gov’t officials will be attending the event, so in order to ensure the weekend’s event will be a exciting one, BG was invited by the Official  China Motorsport Federation to operate our famous Pro Stunt show during the weekend, so BG chief Steven, our Stunt Pro Sammo and Mark travelled from Zhuhai to Guangzhou then to Zhengzhou then all the way to Ordoz on Friday, 30/9/10.

Ordoz was a small city as compared to many other cities in China, but the wealth of the City can be seen immediately as the Team got off the plane,  there is a new airport terminal under construction and all the roads in and outside of the city are all brand new multi lane motorways with a big number of expansive MPV and Jeeps.

Upon arriving at the Circuit, although certain part of the Circuit are still under the finishing touches, but the main Grandstand, Pit lane and the race track itself is all ready for the weekend’s race.  The OIC track was well designed with various degree of elevation and drops , the run off areas are top level with plenty of run off tarmac and Gravel traps making it one of the safest Race track other then the Shanghai F1 track.

BG’s Stunt pro has set up the bikes in no time after arriving at the Circuit on Friday morning while BG’s Steven was invited by the China CCTV5 Channel’s filming crew as a tech consultant to the new circuit and also the Superleague Formula cars.

Sat saw the start of the Superleague formula race, there were 18 teams representing many of the World Super League soccer clubs, the Formula cars are based on the Ex-Champ car from the US with a V-12 engine producing just over 700 BHP.

The Superleague Race format is totally different then any regular auto race events as their qualifying is based on a Soccer league matches seem in the world, 18 cars are divided into 2 groups with each team qualifying against each other, then it comes to a Quarter Final, semi Final and a final 2 car battling for the Pole at Sunday’s race.
BG Pro Stunt team performed 2 shows on Sat, but due to Sat is not a open day for spectators so the race teams and circuit workers all had a great time cheering on the Riders.

Sunday is the main race day for the event, in the morning, there is the 1st Race with all cars lined up according to their Sat qualifying, then there is the 2nd race in the afternoon, the afternoon race was again with a very different format then any other race events, the line of the 1st race was put in reverse at the 2nd race’s grid which means the Car that came last in the 1st race will be at Pole at the 2nd race while the winner of the 1st race will lined up at the last place,
This unusual line up caused a lot of havoc at the 2nd race as all the fast drivers were battling to come to the front right after the start of the race while the slower drivers were blocking all the opening for a quick pass, there were quite a few get together and ran off within the 1st couple of laps, then as the race proceed, more and more cars were out of the race as they all push for a better position to the front, so by the end of the race, only 10 cars finished the race while 8 were out making it a very heavy casualty rate but providing the spectator some great crashing scene to remember.

The Final race named the “Super Final  was a 5 lap sprint race for the Top 6 teams, this is to decide who will be getting the winner’s EU 100,000 purse and a EU 75,000 and EU 50,000 2nd and 3rd prizes.

The Sun noon Opening event at the Starting Grid see some of Inner Mongolia’s most important dignitaries, the D.chairman of China’s National Sports Bureau, Chairman of the China Motorsport Federation, D.Party Sec of the inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Zone’s representative at the People’s congress, Mayor and Party Sec of Ordoz, Chairwoman of the Ordoz Sports Bureau were all there attending the opening ceremony and presenting prized to the Race winner, The event was also attended by some of the world’s top level racing events bosses with the US-Indy Car and FIA-GT President present at the weekend.

BG’s Pro Stunt show was made to perform in front all the Dignitaries while the Spectators at the Grandstand were screaming and yelling for more.

The weekend ended with the BG Stunt show and the Stunt Pros were again surrounded by their new found Fans asking for the Stunt Pro’s autographed posters.

The Weekend was a great success for the Ordoz Circuit and Ordoz gov’t, as being a far inland city that has limited access to the western world, a world class Motor Racing event will for sure put Inner Mongolia and Ordoz in a much prominent position in the world.

There were meetings after the Sunday dinner banquet with BG being invited back for more Stunt shows and also to organize more of BG”s Super Car and Super Bike events at the Ordoz Circuit in 2011.

BG would like to thank the Director of FASC for inviting us to Ordoz, also to the General Manager of the Ordoz circuit for being a great friend and all the support provided to us during our visit and we’re sure we’ll be visiting the Ordoz Circuit very often in 2011.

内蒙古 - 作为中国面积最大的自治区 ,由于”成吉思汗” 的丰功伟绩而闻名于世。但 很少人知道内蒙的一个重要的核心城市 “鄂尔多斯”,但当提到“羊绒”这个熟悉的名词,很多人都会立刻记起有世界羊绒之都称号的  - 鄂尔多斯, 但甚少人知道的是 - 鄂尔多斯虽然只 有160万的 少数人口, 但鄂尔多斯由于拥有极为丰富的煤矿,稀土和天然气的储存 而成为内蒙最富裕的城市。

随着中国在2009年成为世界最大的汽车/摩托车制造和销售国家。许多世界的汽车/摩托车产商已经通过在中国的赛车场内举办活动来进行推广和销售。中国第7个国际赛车场也于2010年9月底在内蒙古 - 鄂尔多斯应运而生。

鄂尔多斯国际赛车场位于距鄂尔多斯市中心约30公里 的一个全新的开发区- 康巴什新区,赛道全长3.75公里,以一匹马的线条设计而成, 耗资约14亿美元建成 并符合FIA Ⅱ 级 标准,可以举行除F1赛事以外的一切国际赛事的赛道。

2010年9月25-26日周末,鄂尔多斯国际赛车场迎来了第一场赛事 - 中国房车锦标赛(CCTC),在车场部分地方还在建设中的情况下, 赛事还是顺利的完成。然而到了10月1-3日,随着所有重要设施的竣工,鄂尔多斯国际赛车场迎来了首个国际赛事 –  世界超级联盟方程式大奖赛 。

世界超级联盟方程式赛事为始于2008年的全新赛事,参赛车队均为欧洲或中国超级足球联赛俱乐部所冠名,以至此赛事拥有很多来自世界各地的超级足球队俱乐部球迷前来 观赛。

由于这次大赛为内蒙的第一次世界赛事,再加上内蒙古自治区, 鄂尔多斯和康巴什的政府和领导对这次赛事有很大的投入和参与, 为使周末各赛事和活动更为精彩,BG受邀于中国汽联(FASC),将在这次赛事中运作超级摩托车特技表演。 BG总监Steven连同BG的专业特技车手Sammo 和 Mark于2010年9月30日从珠海往广州再中转郑州,最后来到了鄂尔多斯。



BG的特技车手在周五到达赛道后,立刻在短时间内把表演车辆调教妥当, 而BG的Steven则为 中央电视台摄影队邀请作为他们对赛道和赛事里的赛车做技术讲解。

赛事在周六正式开始,赛事共有18个车队,全部由世界各地著名的超级足球球会冠名,车辆全为单一车种, 是以美国的Champ Car方程式赛车的设计配V12发动机,其可输出超过700匹的惊人马力。



周日为正赛日, 早上是第一场赛事, 所有车以昨天的排位起步,然后下午是第二场比赛。 第二场比赛也是跟其他汽车世界赛不大一样, 在上午赛事里排在前面的车辆于后面发车,而上午赛事后面的车辆就变成于前面发车。


这个赛事另有一场最后的“超级决赛”, 这是由最快的6个车队跑5个冲刺圈, 冠、亚、季军奖金数目极为可观的欧元 100,000、75,000、50,000。

在下午的大赛发车仪式上看到了这次赛事特邀的贵宾, 其中有中国体委于副主席,中国汽摩联严主席,内蒙自治区副主席,内蒙人大常委主席,鄂尔多斯市长,体育局局长和多位内蒙商业代表。而国外多个世界级大型赛事的代表亦在场参加这次盛事,其中更有美国的Indy Car,世界超级跑车大奖赛的总裁亦在相谈他们的赛事明年在中国的去向。





BG在此深深感谢中国汽联的邀请,和鄂尔多斯赛道的多年好友姚总经理的热情招待和多方协助,我们希望BG在2011 年能有更多机会前来鄂尔多斯赛场。



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